Gift from the communities of Rust and Ringsheim


Roland-Mack-Ring is now the name of the road that runs past the “Krønasår” hotel and the Rulantica World of Water. It was a gift from the communities of Rust and Ringsheim to Roland Mack on his 70th birthday. The two communities are honouring the outstanding achievements of Roland Mack.

“It is with great appreciation and respect that we look on what you and your family have built up in Rust and what links you so closely, now and in the future, with the people throughout the region.“

These were the words with which Kai-Achim Klare congratulated the birthday boy, before he unveiled the new road sign himself. Roland Mack was visibly moved by the extraordinary gift:

“I am delighted beyond words by this great honour, which was already given to my father Franz in Rust.”