Thomas Mack

Dear guests,

At the spectacular preview event for our new Rulantica Water World, visitors could watch water flowing upwards, instead of downwards, on a huge video wall. The laws of physics were turned entirely on their head. This was not just an impressive experience, the image also had a strong symbolism for us. In the past, we have repeatedly thought up and implemented projects that lay beyond the powers of imagination and therefore beyond the limits of what was feasible for many people. The fact that now, with the new water adventure world and the associated Nordic “Krønasår” hotel, we have achieved the biggest and certainly also the most unusual project in the history of our company is evidence of what is possible.

On the 12th October, we also celebrated the birthday of our father, Roland Mack, with a big party and many friends from all over the world. On his 70th birthday we looked back over the many happy years we have spent together and the countless exciting projects we have completed. We are very much looking forward to what lies ahead of us: a whole new chapter in our history – Rulantica!

We welcome all of our guests and hope that, they will spend many happy hours with us in the Europa-Park, in the new Water World and in our comfortable and stylish hotels.

Kind regards, Thomas Mack