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VIPs send their congratulations

A celebration with President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble and a stunning party in the Krønasår hotel that lasted until midnight in warm summer temperatures delighted more than 500 guests on the 70th birthday of Roland Mack. The founder of Europa-Park was visibly moved and focused, above all, on his family and his employees as he looked back over the success of Europa-Park,

“The aim of the Mack family is to safeguard the company and its almost 240-year tradition and to lead it into the next generations. The management is in its eighth generation. The ninth generation is already following on.”

Guests from all over the world were given a first exclusive glimpse of the new Rulantica Water World with a spectacular preview show involving over 200 artists.

Wolfgang Schäuble
President of the Bundestag

“Thanks to the entrepreneurial vision of Roland Mack and his family, the entertainment in Rust will continue to be a success in future – in a theme park with an unmistakable range of European cultural and educational attractions.”
“It is said that metal can be bent into any shape.” Many entrepreneurs from Baden-Württemberg see themselves as people who shape things in this way. But you would think that Roland Mack invented the slogan. Whatever he touches takes shape and often serves as a “mould” for imitators.
Roland Mack never runs out of ideas
You cannot overlook the huge social commitment of the Mack family.
Roland Mack has done so much for cross-border cooperation with France.
His motto is: don’t moan, just do something. Roland Mack’s enthusiasm is infectious.

Dr. Hubert Burda

Dear Roland, dear Rolando furioso,
On behalf of my family and my employees, I would like to congratulate you very warmly on your 70th birthday. You are from Baden – the Black Forest – and, of course, you are someone who gets things done. You got that from your parents, especially your father. Strong parents, we have that in common, and that’s why I am very happy that we have brought our sons together in our shared vision of a “Digital Baden”.

I wish you and your family good health, above all, and continued happiness and success in your fantastic company, a company of which the whole of Baden can be proud.

Brigitte Klinkert
President of the Departement of Haut-Rhin

Roland Mack is a true European. His commitment to Franco-German friendship was very much appreciated even by my grandfather, Josep Rey, former Mayor of the town of Colmar. In Europa-Park, “Alsace” has always been a word that has a lot of meaning and value. We are very grateful to Roland Mack for that. Europa-Park is also a big employer for many residents of Alsace. The European region of Alsace will enable us to develop bilingualism. This will be an advantage. Roland Mack is also an ambassador of cultures, traditions and innovations. In this sense, we are all particularly proud of his achievements.

I congratulate you on your success, dear Roland, and wish you all the best on your birthday, continued good health and every success with the greatest park in the world!

Prof. Friedhelm Beyersdorf
Head of the Freiburg / Bad Krozingne University Hospital Heart Centre

"Inattention to detail is the hallmark of mediocrity" (Michel E. DeBakey). Roland Mack has shown what can be achieved with courage, a readiness to take risks, hard work, complete concentration on one goal, continuous improvement, an eye for every detail, effective management of people and dedication to family and employees, coupled with strength of character: the development of Europa-Park into the best theme park in the world. Roland Mack and the Mack family have rightly won not just national, but international recognition and admiration for these achievements and the personality behind them. Especially in today’s uncertain times all over the world, Roland Mack is a role model for many people.

Franz Beckenbauer
Football legend

Dear Roland, You have reached your seventies. I did so a few years ago, so you don’t need to worry, moving from your sixties to your seventies is not too painful. I wish you all the best and continued good health. I am grateful for your friendship and I always enjoy coming here to see what you have achieved with your people. It’s great! You have delighted many thousands, even millions of people. From what I know of you, that will continue for some time to come.

My very best to you and the most important thing, Roland, I wish you good health

Georg Thoma
Olympic skiing champion

I have admired the work and commitment of Roland Mack for many years. I wish you all the best, good health and plenty more positive ideas for the prosperity of Europa-Park.

Winfried Kretschmann
Minister President

Roland Mack takes responsibility for his employees, his site, the community and the region. But also for the next generations, the environment and nature. This makes him a remarkable German businessman at the head of an equally remarkable company from Baden-Württemberg: Europa-Park is an enterprise that crosses generations, crosses borders and links nations. No one epitomises the positive image of Europa-Park better than Roland Mack. This is not just because of the figures that show his success, the new attractions and services and the juxtaposition and interaction of culture and entertainment which is unrivalled throughout the world. It is also because of Roland Mack’s huge social commitment. For many years, he has been playing his part in making our society a little more humane, warmer and more united through his very personal commitment.

Thomas Gottschalk
TV legend

So, I am lucky enough to be able to say that many of my wishes have come true. One wish I have always had is – to congratulate Roland Mack on his 70th birthday. And here I am: Happy Birthday, Roland!

Marc Haeberlin
Michelin-starred chef, Auberge de LÌll, Illhäusern

The Mack and Haeberlin families are connected by a decade of friendship. When we speak of a connecting bridge over the Rhine, it is really only people who can bring the idea of Franco-German friendship to life. Friendship cannot be ordered from on high. The story of the Mack and Haeberlin family companies is certainly one of real friendship.
I often travel the world, we have opened several restaurants in Japan, but I always feel most at home here in the Upper Rhine. This is where our roots are. That’s why I have always enjoyed the many agreeable and warm encounters between the Macks and the Haberlins – in Illhäusern and in Rust!

I wish Roland all the best on his 70th birthday