Divine nights in the new museum hotel

‚Krønasår – The Museum Hotel’

Not long now before the new ‘Krønasår – The Museum Hotel’ opens in the spring of 2019. Reservations can be made now. We’re offering you a first look now at the future rooms in the northern-inspired theme world and letting you in on what visitors can expect. ‘The rooms are furnished to look like the studies of expeditioners who sought the sunken city of Rulantica. They brought back all kinds of different treasures from their adventures in order to examine them further in their studies using their research tools. That’s the design theme running throughout the entire hotel,’ says Ann-Kathrin Mack, who oversees the interior design of hotels.

Guests feel like they’re visiting a real museum of natural history – the feeling of adventure and research is present every which way they look. The ‘Rulantica’ story behind the water park serves as the design backdrop and essence for the new hotel. Thomas Mack and his sister Ann-Kathrin travelled all the way to Hamburg to buy original diving suits, lamps and other sailor accessories to ensure a truly genuine style. They also journeyed to all the countries of Scandinavia.

This hotel for explorers has 276 themed rooms and 28 lovingly designed suites. Standard rooms are outfitted with fine wood, parquet flooring, luxurious wallpaper and many details about explorers, circumnavigators and explorers. High-quality and comfortable box-spring beds promise a dreamy stay. Young explorers will have a cosy night sleeping in the cots which are modelled after real suitcases. Most of the lovingly decorated Scandinavian-designed suites have two floors. The magnificently furnished Royal and Deluxe Suites offer an unparalleled level of luxury. The royal residences in Norway, Sweden and Denmark served as the inspiration.

Book a room now, for example, or give a gift certificate to stay at the new hotel.

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