España Ole ́!

Kitchen party in the El Andaluz hotel

How do the El Andaluz chefs manage to infuse their dishes with that typical Spanish panache? Attend the ‘Kitchen Party’ and find out for yourself. Take a walk around the pots and pans, have a bite to eat here and there, and try some food. Prepare to be surprised by what and how our chefs create incredible taste sensations. The regionally inspired Bodega Baron de Lay & Co. is the perfect showcase for the diverse Iberian/Mediterranean cuisine, not to mention the vivacious live band which provides a musical highlight accentuating the delicacies of Southern Europe.

Price per person: €125.00 including food and all drink pairings.
For bookings: 07822 860-5678.
Dates: 25/01, 26/01, 22/03 and 23/03/2019