Dear Guests,...

...‘Hygge’ is what the Danes say to express a word with many different meanings, including cosiness, warmth, comfort and security, and contentment as well. A word like this doesn’t exist in English, however, you’ll soon be able experience all these wonderful moods yourself in the new Scandinavian hotel ‘Krønasår’. Take a little trip with us to beautiful Scandinavia – the mysterious and enchanting North of Europe. We travelled to several Scandinavian countries to gather inspiration for our new hotel. The result of which is an extraordinary location that conveys a special quality of being – or ‘hygge’ – in every last corner. We didn’t only bring back original decorative pieces from our travels. We also got to know the country and the people in order to implement their style and way of life in the most authentic way.

We’ve also got a real pro on board – Brian Bojsen. The Dane, who knows the ins and outs of Scandinavian cuisine, shares his know-how and flair for traditional fare paired with the light and modern with the new restaurants in the hotel but also with the water adventure resort ‘Rulantica’, making sure everything we serve tastes just like it does in Scandinavia. We can’t wait to fluff up the beds and open our doors to you.

Kind regards,

Thomas Mack