Art in a Theme Park? Of course!

“Art and Artists in Europa-Park”

“Art should be associated with leisure and entertainment. Europa-Park is the best possible place for this” commented the painter, Rolf Knie. And it’s true: be it sculptures of contemporary artists or exhibitions, it’s clear that art plays an important role in Rust where it reaches the eyes and hearts of countless visitors.

The new large illustrated book “Kunst und Künstler im Europa-Park” (“Art and Artists in Europa-Park”) is a tour d’Horizon through the art that is displayed at very different places in Europa Park. Starting from the large winter exhibitions in the Mercedes-Benz Hall, via a suite in the Hotel "Bell Rock", it also includes the numerous paintings and sculptures – on squares and paths, in the hotels, bars and restaurants – revealing that the park is a true artistic space. Artists such as Marc Chagall and James Rizzi bring artistic splendour; without painters such as Johannes Klinger, who created the central ceiling painting in the lobby of the Hotel "Colosseo" and Roberto Radici whose wall paintings decorate the hotels "Colosseo", "Santa Isabel" and "Bell Rock", and many other renowned painters and sculptors such as Marc Berle, Manfred Gruber, Kurt Bildstein and Manfred A. Schmid, the authentic flair that brings so much to the hotels, would not exist.

The illustrated book “Kunst und Künstler im Europa-Park” is available via