Wolfram Siebeck's „Chefs Table“

Homage to the german restaurant critic

A very special place in the new fine-dining restaurant Tre Krønen is the “Chefs Table” room, dedicated to the memory of Wolfram Siebeck. Numerous gastronomic rarities such as restaurant guides, signed menus, items, photos and books belonging to the famous restaurant critic commemorate Wolfram Siebeck. The room is dedicated to cherishing his name and memory.

Wolfram Siebeck (1928-2016) was regarded as one of the most prominent restaurant critics in Germany. He was a journalist who published countless books about food and drink. Siebeck’s wife Barbara accompanied him on all his travels. Siebeck’s books about Alsatian cuisine became famous.

Wolfram Siebeck’s columns as well as his books had and still have the goal of making readers aware that food and drink should be of the highest quality. In his columns and books, Siebeck polemicized against fast food, ready-made meals, food from discount stores, subsidised agriculture, lack of farm animal welfare, poor table culture and what he considered the poor German cuisine of the time. He was one of the first to discover and publish the potential of the fine-dining restaurant Ammolite – The Lighthouse Restaurant in Europa-Park. The "Chefs Table" is located between the Tre Krønen restaurant and the kitchen, and can accommodate up to 20 people. Guests can observe the chefs at work through a pane of glass.