Scandinavian fishermen & sea monsters...

The new museum-hotel "Krønasår"

“May I introduce myself? Hi, my name is 'Svalgur'. I’m a ‘cute little’ sea snake and would like to wish you a warm welcome. Surprised to be greeted by a skeleton? Don’t forget, you’re in a museum hotel!”

Legend has it that 'Svalgur' is a snake-like monster. The gigantic skeleton reaches up to the top floor and is the eye-catcher of the new seven-storey "Krønasår - The Museum Hotel". 'Svalgur' is a figure from the history of Rulantica that is literally entwined with new water world and can also be seen in the musical “Rulantica - The Musical” until the end of the season. There it guards the “spring of life”. But it is not the only legendary and fantastical museum piece - let us surprise you!

Time to hit the hay!

276 rooms for explorers

"Krønasår - The Museum-Hotel" is a hotel for adventurers. The rooms feature many details about the history of Rulantica and everywhere you can admire tools and materials used by the members of the "Adventure Club of Europe". How did the sailors and deckhands live and sleep? Hotel guests can relive this first-hand and look forward to adventurous dream journeys. Of course, the nights spent here are much more comfortable than bunks the sailors had to sleep in. At Krønasår, children sleep in comfortable beds shaped like suitcases while adults settle into comfortable box spring beds.

Ahoy sailors!

For captains and admirals

28 themed suites

The beautiful coastal strip of Rulantica will soon lie just outside the windows of the suites of "Krønasår - The Museum-Hotel". After a day in Europa-Park or in the Rulantica water world you can’t go to sleep too early. There is too much to discover. The suites are uniquely furnished with many original pieces and have been designed with such great attention to detail that it is worth living like an admiral or captain for a while and spending a lot of time here. From themed suites and two-storey suites to the Royal Deluxe suite with a private extendable sauna, there is something for everyone here.

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