Opening "Rulantica" on the 28th of November

25 attractions, including 17 water slides/The new water world is a sophisticated fantasy story

Construction work for the new Rulantica water world is in full swing before the gates of Europa-Park. The Mack family, who own the park, are creating “Rulantica - Europa-Park’s new water world” on an area the size of 63 football pitches: one of the largest water worlds in Europe, with a unique Nordic design, it will be built in several construction phases. Rulantica will continue to grow to the southeast of the municipality of Rust over the next years thanks to further construction measures on the 45 hectare expansion area. The first part of the water adventure world will shine in all its glory on 28 November 2019. 25 attractions, including 17 slides for young and old, promise pure water fun for everybody.


Most sensational find of modern times

The story behind Rulantica has been in the making for years. “A marvellous fantasy world was created long before the first excavators started rolling,” explains managing partner Michael Mack. According to this story, Rulantica is a lost, mystical and legendary island in the North Sea. Back in 1557, the Swedish king sent the “Tre Kronor” to find the island. But the ship disappeared. 500 years later, the lost ship literally ends up in Captain Finn Olson’s net. So there is evidence that Rulantica once existed. According to "The Adventure Club of Europe" (ACE): “A trawling net therefore succeeded in making the most sensational discovery in modern times.” The fictitious club, which plays a role in many park attractions, has also collected artefacts that are on display at "Krønasår - The Museum Hotel", thus drawing guests into the fantasy world.

Water world

The Rulantica water adventure world will also be designed to suit the theme. The Nordic theme of the legendary island is reflected in a total of nine lovingly designed areas: while in “Vinterhal” the frozen sea snake Svalgur winds its way around a gigantic glacier mountain with numerous slides, in “Trølldal” the youngest visitors themselves become trolls. “Rangnakor”, the city on stilts, attracts visitors with gigantic slides, while the “Skog Lagoon” offers an oasis of peace. Right next door “Skip Beach” offers plenty of adventures and the calmly flowing river “Snorri ́s Saga” ambles past the big wave pool and “Lumåfals”, home to enchantingly beautiful mermaids. In the outdoor area, “Frigg Temple” lures you with bathing pleasure in the large outdoor pool and the “Vildstrøm” promises thrilling water fun.

Very own novel series

Many more details will be revealed in the coming years, since MackMedia is also producing a novel series about Rulantica together with the Coppenrath publishing house from Münster. “After having read the exposé, it was clear to us that we had the material for a great novel series,” says programme director Nicola Dröge from Coppenrath publishing house. The story was written by Michaela Hanauer, a children’s book author from Munich. The first volume of around 250 pages will be presented for the first time at the Frankfurt Book Fair on 16 October.

Rulantica is open daily from 11 am to 10 pm. Guests of the Europa-Park hotels get a head-start and can enjoy the water world from 10 am onwards.

If you are interested in learning more about the fantastic history of Rulantica before the official opening, you should not miss the opportunity to see “Rulantica - The Musical” at Europa-Park Teatro. You can also go to www. and take digital 3D tour of the legendary island.

Tickets: Admission to the new water world costs 38.50 euros during the day for adults (teenagers 12 years and older) and 35.50 euros for children, while entry is free for infants up to the age of three. Visitors can also buy a separate evening ticket for 35.50 euros from 5 pm onwards. Due to limited capacity, visitors must generally first purchase a ticket online for admission to “Rulantica”. Hotel guests can already purchase tickets for “Rulantica” now.