Culinary excursion

Small lobsters in red wine an honey broth

Oh, that is delicious! Small freshly caught lobsters, directly prepared in red wine and honey broth, and served with fresh vegetables and potatoes. This is Scandinavian cuisine at its best. When the popular Danish chef Brian Bojsen cooks or talks about his regional cuisine, listeners’ mouths already begin watering before having tasted a single bite. Brian flew to Denmark’s northern island of Laesoe with Europa-Park’s chefs and managing partner Thomas Mack as well as Frank Müller, Food & Beverage Director at Europa-Park. They were accompanied by Europa-Park’s kitchen director Holger Strütt and the future Danish guest chef Jakob Sullestad.

There in Kattegat, the Europa-Park team already got a whiff of the Nordic air that will characterise the restaurants in the new Hotel Krønasår. Brian Bojsen cannot stop raving about the experience: “Guests in Rust should feel like they are sitting somewhere along the west coast of Denmark. Our philosophy is to cook with nature’s ingredients, over the fire and with algae by the sea; Nordic cuisine expresses a love of nature.” And then Brian and the little cooking team discover all that Denmark has to offer on Laesoe. Here, salt is still extracted in old huge steel pans over a wood fire - just like it was 400 years ago. It is regarded as one of the best table salts in the world. Brian Bojsen brought plenty of it back to the Krønasår with him. There the special sea salt will be standing on its restaurant tables.