Opening celebration of the hotel "Krønasår"

Thomas Gottschalk and Auma Obama were among the star guests

The sixth Europa-Park hotel “Krønasår - The Museum-Hotel” opened with a lavish party. Together with numerous star guests, such as Thomas Gottschalk, Henry Maske, Steffen Groth and Luca Hänni, as well as all the Council of Europe ambassadors of the Scandinavian countries Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, the owner family Mack and over 700 guests celebrated the hotel. Auma Obama, the half-sister of the former US president, had come all the way to Rust especially for the tape-cutting ceremony. After the official opening ceremony at the flower market in front of the hotel, visitors could then take a discovery tour of the new “Krønasår” hotel and experience the gastronomic diversity at a huge hotel kitchen party. The highlight of the evening was a show by Europa-Park artists featuring fireworks against the backdrop of the adjacent Rulantica water world, which is scheduled to open on 28 November 2019.

The sixth themed hotel, “Krønasår” forms an integral part of the resort’s expansion.
The 4-star superior hotel is a special kind of natural history museum, offering unique overnight accommodation for up to 1,300 guests in a Nordic ambience. There are plenty of culinary delights to discover: the restaurant Bubba Svens, with its old boathouse design, offers a wide variety of dishes for the whole family. The menu in the Tre Krønen fine-dining restaurant will also be everything you could possibly wish for. Café Konditori and Bar Erikssøn perfectly complement the hotel’s two restaurants.

An overnight stay in a mysterious place, a place full of historical discoveries from a time whose stories have long since been forgotten, is now a reality. As soon as they enter, guests are welcomed by the mystical and imposing skeleton of “Svalgur” the sea snake.

It is part of the history and theme world created by MackMedia and Mack Solutions focusing on the legendary island of Rulantica and is yet another example of Europa-Park’s typically high level of design quality. Visitors can also look forward to further unique and historical artefacts in the "Adventure Club of Europe (ACE)".