The restaurants

(The picture shows: The restaurant Tre Kronen)

Bubba Svens will have the flair of an old boathouse. The big new restaurant with 650 seats is the culinary centre of the new hotel ‘Krønasår’. The restaurant showcases a variety of themes. While one area makes you feel like you are in a shipyard or a workshop, another section is dedicated to the theme of rowing. The impressive ship hanging from the ceiling is the ‘Viking Saga’, a faithful replica of a Viking ship. It is based on the boat used by the circumnavigator and adventurer Burghard Pieske to cross the Atlantic in the 1990s.

Guests can choose between the à la carte restaurant Bubba Svens and the fine dining restaurant Tre Krønen, with a total of 220 seats. A chefs table for up to 20 people provides an exclusive view of the kitchen there. Scandinavian cuisine is the central theme running through the complete selection of dishes. (The picture right shows: The restaurant Bubba Svens)

The Nordic maritime theme also inspires Bar Erikssøn’s design: named after the Icelandic explorer Leif Eriksson, the bar extends over two floors directly behind the entrance foyer. Café Konditori serves creamy and sweet treats in the form of typical Scandinavian cakes and desserts. Even guests from other hotels can book a table at "Krønasår" via Guest Relations or the hotel app. (The picture left shows: Bar Erikssøn, right: Café Konditori)