Thoroughly Scandinavian

Hygge - nordic cuisine

“The ‘Krønasår’ is Scandinavian through and through,” says Brian Bojsen, the chef from Denmark, who almost everyone in Germany has seen on television broadcaster ZDF programmes such as ‘Küchenschlacht’ and ‘Kerners Köche’. He is a culinary consultant for Hotel Krønasår and the “Rulantica” water park. “Brian is a genuine professional”, says Thomas Mack with a broad smile. “As with all our hotels, we want our guests to experience what this country and its character is all about. And Brian is just the man for the job.”

Brian Bojsen has 16 years of experience working in relevant restaurants on the island of Sylt. He knows traditional Scandinavian dishes from both the cities and the rural regions. “Krønasår has a selection of dishes for the whole family. There are a lot of cool things on the menu, including for kids. The traditional fish box with freshly caught fish and crabs is a real highlight. It is served with bread and butter as well as sweet pickled vegetables.”

The most important thing for Bojsen is honest and genuine cuisine, which includes lobster as well as dark rye bread with salted butter and beetroot. Bojsen is convinced that “Nordic cuisine simply makes you happy”. He recently released his book “Lækker - Scandinavian Cuisine by a Crazy Dane”. Why crazy? “I do things that other people aren’t brave enough to do,” he says, “I sometimes get the fish I use out of the sea myself, even if the water is just above freezing.” Where does his love of cooking come from? “From my mother and my grandmother. We were always in the kitchen and chatted while peeling potatoes.”  (The picture shows Brian Bojsen, Frank Müller und Thomas Mack)