Dear Guests,...

... we have all been looking forward to this moment in the past weeks and months: our sixth hotel, Krønasår – The Museum-Hotel, has opened its doors. It is an indescribably wonderful feeling - and not just for us - to see a unique Scandinavian-themed hotel built here within the last two years. The visitors’ radiant faces at the opening and the enthusiasm of the first hotel guests also showed us that “Krønasår” and its Nordic flair mark a new milestone in the history of Europa-Park Resort.

Did you know that Scandinavians are among the happiest people in the world? What actually accounts for this happiness? Is it the people, the fascinating natural world or the good cuisine? We first immersed ourselves in the Scandinavian way of life, familiarising ourselves with the geographical, cultural, historical and culinary characteristics of the North. We travelled and talked to many people, because we didn’t just want to bring a touch of Scandinavia to Rust, but, as with all other hotels in the resort, we wanted to convey the region’s genuine and distinctive aspects - from its architecture and decoration to the Nordic cuisine.

Look forward to a hotel full of adventure, comfort and inimitably delicious Scandinavian dishes.

Let’s hygge!

Warmest regards Thomas Mack