Dear Guests,...

...in Europa-Park your dream of flying comes true. The breath-taking flight over Europe’s cities and across countryside in the “Voletarium” is the innovation of the season. There’s been immense enthusiasm and Europa-Park has yet another spectacular adventure.

By the way, did you know that Europa-Park is also an ecological beauty spot? A unique natural landscape that has developed over four centuries? The five hotels too are surrounded by enchanted paths and exotic plants; and from herb gardens used by the hotel chefs to fine-tune their dishes. Our “treasures of nature” have already been documented in a wonderful illustrated book. Look forward to the summer at Germany’s largest hotel resort. We have many spa offers. When the park closes in November, the “Feel Good Weeks” really get going again. Among these are the popular “kitchen parties”. This is when the hotel chefs open their “realm” and prepare the finest specialities from different countries.

We were delighted to receive an award from the South Baden restaurant guide, who gave our “Ammolite – The Lighthouse Restaurant” top marks, both for its fine cuisine and exquisite wines. And on the topic of wine: we’re particularly proud of our new in-house wine “Amici del Vino” which we’ll be serving in our hotels in the future. Let us surprise you!

Sincerely yours

Thomas Mack