Check in, belt up, lift off!

Fly over Europe at close range with the “Voletarium”

The view glides over canals, bridges and domes. Venice, a centuries-old dream location for many travellers, becomes a film backdrop for the “Voletarium”. The largest “Flying Theatre” in Europe is Europa-Park’s new attraction. The
most expensive Europa-Park investment in a single project to date allows visitors to soar across Europe and dip into an imaginary story that retells the discovery of flying in a completely new way with the “first flight theory”. In a breath-taking film, passengers travel to Europe’s sites of natural beauty at spectacular close range. The footage for the flight simulator was shot at the original locations over a period of one year.


In two 16-metres high domed auditoriums, up to 1400 flight guests per hour can fasten their seatbelts for a film trip through Europe in gondola-like flying objects. Before your flight, you will pass through three stages to the flying machines. At the start, the gondolas are moved five metres forward so the guests really have the feeling that they are flying in the air. A curtain opens and a giant screen spanning 21 metres opens up in front of them like an embrace. MackMedia TV (hotel channel 7) shows films on the first flight theory.