Dream of flying

The Leonardo da Vinci rooms at the ‚Colosseo‘ Hotel

When the lights go on at Europa-Park in the evening and the guests retire to their hotels, the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci comes to life in the ‚Colosseo‘ Hotel. This universal genius died 500 years ago. Here, renowned artists have brought da Vinci and his brilliant inventions to life in the rooms. Those who spend the night here encounter his futuristic inventions and flying machines in sketches and drawings painted on the walls, which include the ball bearing, the parachute and the diving suit. The Vitruvian man, probably the most famous anatomical study drawn by the master in the 15th century, and the portraits of the Florentines drawn above the double beds all exude an Italian Renaissance atmosphere. Everything is carefully selected to echo the times in which the multitalented inventor lived, from the terracotta tiles and elaborate ornamental edging to the materials, colours and decorations. The dream of flying: It comes true when you spend the night at the ‚Colosseo‘.

Hotel ‚Colosseo‘