Starry night

Fine-Dining at ‚Ammolite – The Lighthouse Restaurant‘

“The Ammolite is our lighthouse”, says Thomas Mack, “which also shines out across to the entire range of restaurants at Europa-Park”. We mean that literally. Because the two-star Ammolite – The Lighthouse Restaurant is one of the best culinary destinations in Germany, even after having been open for seven years. Its second Michelin star has just been confirmed again. With gourmet chef Peter Hagen-Wiest, who was voted one of Germany’s top 50 chefs by the Schlemmer Atlas, at the helm, the Ammolite on the ground floor of the Lighthouse at the Bell Rock Hotel will delight you with its elegant, yet down-to-earth, Mediterranean cuisine.

“We have a lot of international guests”, says Hagen-Wiest, “who come here especially because of the second star. But with our special “Black Forest Cuisine” menu we also like to show our connection to our region.”