Dear Guests,...

...we have named our beautiful new book about the Europa-Park Resort “A suitcase full of dreams”. In this book we will take you on a journey through all our hotels, show you rooms, restaurants, history, art and the people in these hotels. Because they are the core and the basis of our success. The largest hotel resort in Germany is not located in a big city, but rather in a small former fishing village in Baden. Before the first hotel, the ‘El Andaluz’ hotel, which was built in Europa-Park in 1995, opened, some people didn’t think a hotel in Rust would be very successful. Now the sixth hotel is about to be completed. This means the resort now has a total of around 6,000 beds. For a long time now, the hotels have been an independent part of the resort and an attraction in their own right. In fact, some guests here do not actually visit the Park. When the fifth hotel, the ‘Bell Rock’, opened in 2012 nobody would have believed that a few years later there would be another hotel in the Park, the ‘Krønasår’. Soon its doors will open. From 31 May, we would like to warmly welcome you to our new hotel.

Lots guests of guests come and go to the Europa-Park Resort every day. We strive to offer you the highest level of perfect hospitality. From your arrival to your departure. We hope that you can take a suitcase full of dreams home with you.

With warmest regards
Thomas Mack