AHOY sailors! – in Bubba Svens

Restaurant Bubba Svens

In the new ‘Krønasår’ Hotel not only the rooms and suites are a world of discovery, but the restaurants are also inspired by the Scandinavian explorers. The ‘Bubba Svens’ restaurant, which offers Scandinavian and international cuisine for the whole family, is designed in the style of an old boathouse. It is the way the historical elements are presented in this spacious, light-flooded spaces that creates a special atmosphere, which is perfect for families. Bubba Svens epitomises tasteful casual dining. The ‘Viking Saga’ reaches down from the ceiling: a legendary ship in which the adventurer and circumnavigator Burghard Pieske crossed the Atlantic. Glass cases with fascinating exhibits create different spaces within the impressive room. High ceilings with narrow columns create a traditional, yet fresh and modern, look. This spacious restaurant, which seats 650 guests, is the centrepiece of the new ‘Krønasår’ Hotel. From the point of view of decor, it is divided into different themed areas. In one area, you have the sense of being in a shipyard or a locksmith’s shop, whereas another area has a rowing theme. In the à-la-carte restaurant it doesn’t just feel like you are by the sea: it also tastes of the sea.