resortnews Spring 2017

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Start into the new season

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High accolade for the hotel resort

Millions of guests vote for Europa-Park



Golf for hotel guests, Summer special for Cowboys and Indians, "Immer wieder sonntags" and Soirée "La Cigale"


Night. Beat. Angels....

...bewitch the senses


Heavenly beds

Modern box-spring beds in the hotel “El Andaluz”


Hosts with a passion for hospitality

Roland Mack is Restaurateur of the Year 2017


Spring fresh

The Spa in the Europa-Park Resort


Europa-Park Radio

24 hours "On Air"

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Peter Hagen-Wiest - cook(s) with passion

In Profile

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Robiola with vegetables

From the book: "Europa-Park recipes - the most popular recipes from our hotels"

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Venue Miss Germany

The Miss Germany award is among the biggest media events in the Europa-Park

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A whole year of Europa-Park...

... with just a single ticket

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Favourite place

Top 50 best whiskey bars: Bar Spirit of St. Louis in the “Bell Rock"

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The new Europa-Park Arena

A hall for superstars


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