Molencafe` and friethuys

Two new restaurants in Holland

Windmills, cheese, tulips, canals and clogs, where can these be found? Of course, this is all ‘typical’ for Holland. This is why the newly designed ‘Molencafé’ in the Dutch themed area is surrounded by radiant yellow and red tulips. Guests can gather in front of the café to take selfies while wearing traditional wooden shoes or ‘klomps’. On the inside, you can find tasty treats from Holland, for example the sweet ‘Poffertjes’, freshly prepared mini pancakes made from a mixture of wheat and buckwheat flour. These miniature delicacies, which are made in a special pan, are traditionally enjoyed with butter, various sauces or vanilla ice cream. Coffee specialities, cake and drinks are just as readily available on the menu as refined Langnese ice cream flavours. ‘Friets’ are widely popular throughout Holland, although we call them fries for short. At the new ‘Friethuys’ this favourite snack is served with a wide range of sauces. Did you know that the Dutch are on first name terms with their bosses? Even this is typically Dutch.