Jobs and Apprentices

102 apprentices from 10 different nations

Whether a chef, restaurateur or manager: young people can learn many trades at Europa-Park. There are currently more than 100 young individuals from 10 different nations completing their apprenticeship at Europa-Park. They receive first-class support, opportunities to achieve qualifications from a University of Applied Sciences, and are able to take on responsibility early on. The apprentices are in a position to learn a broad range of skills at the themed hotels and in the kitchens, whether it be preparing a quick dish or the fine dining menu of a Michelin star chef. The qualified apprenticeship provides the foundation for a successful career later on. Europa-Park even offers a trans-national apprenticeship. This enables a young French national to complete the theoretical part of his or her apprenticeship in France, and the practical part at Europa-Park. For those still not sure as to whether metalworker, costume designer, painter or IT specialist is right for them, they can also do an internship or have an introductory chat during the application days.