Europa-Park’s own aromatic brand

Top quality product: house Balthasar gin

65 different herbs, spices and fruits give this gin its fruity aroma. “The basis of our gin is a grain distillate. We select our ingredients very carefully. For example, the peel taken from the citrus fruits is always fresh, and dried in the region’s sunshine”, explains bar manager Jürgen Wörner. The expert is filled with a great sense of pride that Europa-Park has its own Balthasar Gin. “We managed to find an outstanding partner in Franz Wild in Gengenbach, who distils the gin exactly as we specify it. We’ve now found the best, versatile gin which embodies a hint of ginger, nutmeg and cardamom”, raves the expert. When mixed with tonic or soda water, other aromas are released. In the near future, Balthasar Vodka will also make its way into the range, an in-house creation made from 70% potato and 30% grain. “We do entirely without sweetener. Vodka frequently contains honey”, explains the expert. Balthasar Gin can already be bought in selected shops at Europa-Park, and soon vodka will also be available for purchase. The house brand is poured out at the hotel bars in the evening.