Let’s go to Batavia again!

The “Pirates in Batavia” are back at Europa-Park

The “Pirates in Batavia” are back at Europa-Park. This cult ride has been exciting its many fans again since July. “It was already making quite a splash at its opening in 1987”, explains Europa-Park boss, Roland Mack. “Before the fire, 30 million people had fun on this ride”. Within two years, a new hall has been erected at the original location – together with state-of-the-art building systems and modern fire protection. The facilities have numerous multimedia effects. What is even more important, however, is the link between its tradition and modern features, which the new ride epitomises. The exotic atmosphere of the original “Pirates in Batavia” delighted visitors, as it was just like something out of a novel. The new ride has stayed true to this feeling. Alongside Bartholomeus van Robbemond, the visitors are on the search for the legendary dagger of Batavia, the Fire Tiger.

In order to make Batavia as real as possible, over 100 animatronics are used – mechanically, pneumatically and electronically controlled figures. The “Pirates in Batavia” are included in the benefits package for hotel guests, who can use selected attractions in Europa-Park half an hour earlier than other guests during the winter and summer season using their VIP entry.

The new “Pirates in Batavia” was opened in the presence of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Tourism Minister, Guido Wolf, the twelve year old student, Fabian Schütz from Bavaria and the Swiss pop singer, Paola Felix – all three of them pressed a buzzer together. Fabian Schütz sent the Mack family 50 euros for the helpers who took part in the fire-fighting operations after the major fire. “We have received lots of letters saying: my childhood has gone up in flames”, said Roland Mack. An online petition with 15,000 signatures was also set up requesting the reconstruction. The new pirates have also been reconstructed with great attention to detail.