Hygiene rules will be adhered to

Thank you very much for your help!

Dear Guests, the Mack family would like to sincerely thank you. The coronavirus crisis has hit all areas of life. We have also been tremendously impacted. In order to be able to keep our Europa-Park, the water theme park, Rulantica and the hotels running, we have been diligently following hygiene rules for months and social distancing between staff and the guests has been observed. We have also, for example, broadened the extent of our cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. In addition, apps which we have developed ourselves such as “Distance Radar” to ensure social distancing is complied with and “VirtualLine” to reserve amusement rides also play their part to ensure you are safe.

However all of the technical and organisational provisions won’t be of much use if you, our dear guests, are not willing to cooperate with our measures. Most of you are extremely patient and follow the instructions and guidelines in a very disciplined manner. On the whole you have shown a great amount of understanding and calmness. This is particularly important for our staff. In the hotels, restaurants and at the attractions, they are in direct contact with you. All of the measures also represent an additional effort for our employees.

So far we have managed the situation well – so: Thank you very much again for helping us by being so lovely and sensible, so we can all continue to spend time together, even in these circumstances, in line with our motto.