Great adventure for the whole family

New VR attraction, “YULLBE”

“YULLBE” is a new 600 square metre large VR attraction at Europa-Park. It is located between the water theme park, Rulantica and the 4-star superior hotel “Krønasår”. “YULLBE” makes it possible to immerse yourself in virtual worlds in an unprecedented way – the difference between reality and Virtual Reality (VR) becomes blurred. Up to 32 people can be tracked simultaneously in the worldwide unique “Full Body Free Roaming VR Experience” and experience a thrilling adventure. The term “YULLBE” (said out loud: You’ll be – comes from the English phrase  “You’ll be”). It vividly describes what it is about: as the users of the attraction are different people in a different reality while they are using it. They will wear a VR helmet, a rucksack PC and hand and foot trackers so they can move completely freely in the virtual world. This world first was developed by MackNeXT and VR Coaster in cooperation with internationally leading designers and technology manufacturers such as the British company “Vicon”, which is already a multiple Oscar and Emmy award winner.
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