Rulantica - dive right in

Superlative water fun

Straight from the day-to-day into the water: “If Adam and Eve had been sitting in Rulantica, they wouldn’t have eaten the apple,” it was said at the opening of the new Rulantica Water World. It offers a total of 25 attractions, including 17 slides. The setting includes nine imaginatively themed areas surrounding the Rulantica saga. Whether you’d prefer to splash around in comfort or slide from one adventure to the next, Rulantica has something for every water fan—from spectacular water slides to a leisurely lazy river ride. And after an exciting day at the water world, you can have a dreamy stay at the adjacent “Krønasår – The Museum-Hotel”. Overnight guests at all themed hotels can enjoy the magical world of Rulantica from 9am. Hotel guests are advised to combine an overnight stay with a visit to Rulantica through the hotel booking channel.