For a healthy coexistence

A request to all guests: please observe the hygiene regulations!

The lockdown may be over, but to protect guests and staff, strict safety and hygiene rules shall apply until further notice! “It is in our common interest and responsibility to abide by these rules,” explains Ralf Stumpf, “Coordinator of Hygiene” at Europa-Park. “We need your cooperation”, he urges guests. In favour of a healthy coexistence, masks are to be worn in all covered areas, waiting areas, and while on all attractions. Scarves or shawls are not permitted on the attractions. Guests must also keep the specified minimum safety distance of 1.5 metres. Distance markers in waiting areas will help ensure this. Using the “Europa-Park Hotel App” makes it easier to observe the rules in the hotels. It can be used to easily check in and check out as well as to make table reservations that are now required. Mobile “sanitiser stations”, aka park artists carrying around hand-sanitizer dispensers, will help uphold hygiene standards. Stumpf asks all guests, who are now required to wash their hands as frequently and thoroughly as possible, to “Please use them”.

As a further measure, Europa-Park is stepping up the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, such as escalators, lift buttons, light switches, toilets, cashpoint machines, and door handles. The hotels now also have a new “Europa-Park Seal of Hygiene” showing which areas are cleaned more frequently. The new “Distance Radar” app will also support these measures in future. “It is designed to encourage users to adhere to physical distancing rules and have fun at the same time,” says Stumpf.

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