The number speaks volumes

More than one billion children on earth lack basic necessities such as sufficient water, medical care, schooling or a roof over their heads. This is the point made by Unicef ambassador Sabine Christiansen, who, together with Europa-Park, has initiated a whole series of campaigns for children all over the world. Marianne Mack, patroness of the multiyear cooperation with Europa-Park: “I am a mother of three healthy children myself and I am infinitely grateful for this. As a family park, we are very happy to stand up for disadvantaged children and hope that Europa-Park can do its part to help.”
Even Unicef ambassador Roger Moore (1927- 2017) accepted a donation cheque from the Mack families on the occasion of the “Bell Rock” hotel opening years ago. The topic of water plays a major role in the new hotel, but water is also elementarily important for millions of people to survive. So the Mack family‘s decision to use the hotel opening gala for a campaign for Unicef was a logical one.