Two women, two paths, one goal

Two women, two paths, one goal: helping people

Marianne Mack and Mauritia Mack are committed to helping the socially disadvantaged and sick with love and compassion - with a special series of talks and their associations. Although most families in Germany live in social security and the ill are well cared for medically, sometimes this is not enough. Who takes care of the children when a mother becomes seriously ill? Where does the family of a disabled child find support? Who helps those who leave the hospital after a serious illness? How will accessibility adjustments in the apartment be financed? Social commitment is more important than ever.

The ”New Perspectives” series of talks offers life support for people in the region. The Santa Isabel e.V. association helps in an uncomplicated, fast and meaningful way. Marianne Mack, wife of Europa-Park owner Roland Mack, has been committed to helping people in the region for almost 20 years with an idea that works in two ways. With her series of talks, called “New Perspectives”, she offers active support for people who struggle in life. Over the years, more than 70 prominent guest speakers have given extremely interesting presentations on topics from everyday life to quite specific areas of contemporary life. The fact that the speakers offer their knowledge without a fee is an important part of the concept,because 100 percent of the donations of 10 euros per person, which the guests of the format gladly give, are passed on immediately via the charity association Santa Isabel e.V..

“Sometimes it‘s the small deeds that make big things happen,” Mauritia Mack knows. In 2008, the wife of Europa-Park owner Jürgen Mack therefore founded the association “Einfach Helfen e.V.”, of which she is the first chairwoman. The mother of two is also involved with the German Child Protection Association Ortenau.