Social project in Brazil

Miss Germany

Violence, poverty, hunger: In the favela „Linha do Tiro“ in Recife, Brazil, they are part of everyday life. „Line of fire“ is what the name translates as. „There are no schools, no hospitals, no police stations, no playgrounds there,“ describes Domitila Barros. She knows this life, she grew up there. And she still deals with it - even though she has long since left „Linha do Tiro“ behind. Because in faraway Germany, she is „Miss Germany.“
She continues to stand up for the people in her home neighborhood. Her parents founded the social project „Camm“ there more than 30 years ago to support street children. The children were amazed by a suitcase that Barros recently brought back from Europa- Park. It was full of Ed Euromaus and Edda Euromausi stuffed animals. The children were almost unstoppable in their joy.