Maximum Scope for motivation and emotion

Talent Academy

 Katja Mack

Optimism as a compulsory subject: “Who else, if not us, should and can convey joy and the courage to take on new challenges to the children,” Katja Mack makes clear, radiating so much confidence and enthusiasm that it goes without saying that she also fulfills the requirement for her team of trainers and, in fact, all adults who deal with young people. “Children need role models to look up to,” the mother of two knows, which is why she included the “Mind Set” additional subject in the first course program after the pandemic.
Around 40 international full professionals, some of them with previous or current engagements at Europa-Park, pass on their skills to
the youngsters. They are united by the conviction that decorates the wall of the so-called “theory room” as a logo: “Every child is an artist”. The wide-ranging course program gives every child the chance to discover their own personal strengths.