Laughing Playing Amazement

Auma Obama

Auma Obama was touched and fascinated by Europa-Park. “The Mack family of entrepreneurs has dared to dream without limits. That‘s how something unique has come into being with Euro- pa-Park.” The sister of former US President Barack Obama speaks fluent German. She studied in Germany and set up a foundation called Sauti Kuu, which is Kiswahili and means “Strong Voices”. With her foundation, she wants to give children educational opportunities and prospects in Kenya and Germany. Europa-Park supports the foundation.
Auma Obama: Europa-Park stands for the fact that everyone should find the child in themselves, have the courage to be imaginative and have visions. Having the courage to dream and to go new ways is what distinguishes the Mack family. Auma Obama and her foundation have one thing in common with Europa-Park: giving young people a chance: “At Europa-Park, everyone can experience the world in a playful way, they can laugh, play, be amazed and ride roller coasters.”