Feeling of connection

Interview with Family researcher Martina Stotz

Family researcher Martina Stotz has investigated how a visit to a theme park contributes to family cohesion.
Martina Stotz: A visit to a theme parc satisfies many needs at the same time. One the one hand, a family experiences community, and on the other, fun and games. This creates a feeling of solidarity that is very beneficial for every family and for the development of children.

How important is the anticipation of an excursion together?
Stotz: As we all know, anticipation is the best joy, because it can be used to dream together with children, to let them have a say and to get creative. Anticipation during the common planning of an excursion releases many positive feelings, which lead to the spread of an overall positive mood in the family. A joyful family atmosphere has a positive effect on the development of children.