Europa-Park school for 200 children in Togo

„Reiner Meutsch Stiftung Fly & Help“

With a donation of 50,000 euros, Europa-Park, together with many of its hotel guests, financed a school in Togo which was ceremoniously opened. The project includes the construction of a primary school for 202 children. With the donation, Europa-Park financed the 500th school of the Reiner Meutsch Foundation Fly & Help. Since 2010, a makeshift school made of clay and straw had already stood on the site. But in heavy rain and heat, classes usually couldn’t take place. It all started with a round-the-world flight in a small plane by the founder of the foundation, Reiner Meutsch and the vision of building 100 schools in developing countries within 20 years. Thanks to the support from numerous donors, the project has since grown to 500 schools in 45 countries worldwide.