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Fascia training with personal trainer Kevin Heuckeroth

Fasciae shape our bodies. As part of the connective tissue, they surround all muscles, organs and even bones. They keep our body flexible and ensure muscle stability. We underestimated the impact that our fasciae have on our health for a long time. However, fascia training is now part of all effective muscle training programmes. Kevin Heuckeroth, personal trainer at Villa Stéphanie, specialises in this field. 

Muscle care 
"We look after our skin, teeth and hair, but we often forget about our muscles," says Kevin Heuckeroth. "Many people don’t know that our mobility depends on fasciae." According to the fitness trainer, muscle training alone is not enough. "For our training to be effective and for us stay healthy, we also need to work on the fasciae," he says. "Targeted training can, above all, help to relieve tension and discomfort throughout the body."

Workouts for connective tissue 
Lack of exercise or one-sided physical strain can cause the fine fibre nets to harden. Psychological stress can also have a negative effect.

“Training with a massage roller has therefore proven to be extremely effective for numerous complaints,”

explains the personal trainer, who includes a fascia training unit in every fitness training session at Villa Stéphanie. "A regular session with a roller not only contributes to improving wellbeing but can also help to treat and relieve the tension in certain muscles in a very targeted way." This form of training is particularly suitable for the legs, buttocks, hips and thoracic spine. A fascial massage is perfect after a workout or a particularly sweaty muscle training session. "However, the most important thing is doing these things regularly," says the fitness expert.

"I am a fan of fascia balls and use them frequently in my training sessions. They help you work even more effectively because you can select where to position the balls." These balls can be used to treat trigger points, which transmit pressure pain to other muscles. Kevin recommends the balls to people with neck problems who sit at their desks a lot in particular.

Relax and energise your body from head to toe. For regeneration after sport.

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For regeneration after sport.
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