Let go

Effective tricks to combat stress

“Take a deep breath and laugh a lot,”

Katharina Sippel advises everyone who is stressed. These are very simple things that can be used at any time and anywhere. However, even breathing is something you need to learn. "Most people don't breathe properly," says the sports scientist, who recommends focusing on exhaling. "When we exhale, we can let go and unload any burdens." Katharina Sippel is a Pilates instructor and nutritionist at Villa Stéphanie. In Pilates too, breathing is particularly important for achieving balance.

“Exercise is a miracle cure for stress,”

she says. The idea is to get outside in nature: jogging, cycling or a fast power walk are better than going on a treadmill. Whatever option you choose, you need to push yourself and work up a sweat though. Another thing that is vital to combat stress is stretching. "Not just in the morning when you get up, but several times a day. Straighten up, move your head around in circles and stretch out your neck and shoulders." The sports scientist also believes that laughter is important. "Sometimes you just need to let things go and not get angry so you don’t absorb so much negative energy. Laughter has an immediate positive effect on the psyche."